About Us

Our Mission

Since 2017, the Forum for American Leadership (FAL) has brought together the leaders of the conservative national security movement. 

We advance America’s role as an active global leader and defender of liberty with a strong military and proudly pro-free and fair trade agenda.

What We Do

FAL arms policymakers and candidates with the analysis and recommendations they need to advance conservative foreign policy in Congress, the campaign trail, and the media. 

FAL convenes the conservative foreign policy community to share ideas, mentor the next generation of leaders, and develop policy for a 21st century agenda. FAL’s policy documents are the output of several subject-matter focused working groups led by senior experts and practitioners in their field. 

Our community holds diverse policy views united by a strong, shared commitment to advance American strength, and the content of each working groups’ analysis and recommendations is not necessarily shared by all of FAL’s members.

Executive Board

Michael Allen

Former Staff Director of House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

Roger Zakheim

Former HASC General Counsel & Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

Jonathan Burks

Former Chief of Staff and National Security Adviser to House Speaker Paul D. Ryan

Daniel Fata

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO & Former Member, U.S. European Command Strategic Advisory Group

Eric Lorber

Former Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary of Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

Senior Advisor

Connor Pfeiffer

FAL Senior Advisor; former National Security Advisor to Congressman Will Hurd